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History of HawthorneCollege

 (History from the 1988 Yearbook)


Higher education gave Kenneth McLaughlin a second chance at life.  His dream:  "To give others the same opportunity he had."  A non-profit liberal arts college that would give others the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.  Mr. McLaughlin, John Berrigan, and Joseph Whelton purchased the Flint Estate in Antrim, New Hampshire.


Brief History:


1962.  The College is established

1971.  Aviation is added to curriculum.

1982.  Restructure / Merger with F.I.T.   Dr. Huebschmann Becomes the new College President.

           The focus was shifted to Computer Science and Aeronautics.

           The college official changed its name to HawthorneCollege and was re-chartered by

           the State of New Hampshire.

1983. Dr. Harry P. Weber becomes School President.

1986. Dr. Vincent Fulmer becomes School President.

1988. HawthorneCollege is closed.

1990. HawthorneCollege purchased by Maruzen Construction Company of Japan.

          The new owners begin to renovate facilities and plan to reopen the college with

          a curriculum similar to that of 1986.

1992. Maruzen Hawthorne Aviation begins the Flight Training Program

          The college, however, did not reopen as MaruzenHawthorne.

          Maruzen's reign is short-lived, and the property is sold off.

1995. The Hawthorne College grounds avoided becoming a State Prison.

          The Marharishi-VedicSchool buys the property. Offering Alternative Healing and Meditation.

          The Airport facilities are operated by DanielWebsterCollege.

1996. Hawthorne College Alumni Website is created in memory of the school.

2001. The college grounds are rumored to be up for sale again.